Functional Plastics Products

Functional Plastics Products

Iwatani provides a wide variety of resin materials and products including PET resin, various raw materials from commodity to engineering plastics, intermediate products such as films, sheets, and non-woven fabrics, and air conditioning panels. Rising an environmental awareness worldwide, Iwatani focuses on environmentally-friendly products such as biomass PET resin, biomass PP/PE/PS resin, bio-based foamed sheets, and highly recyclable aluminum catalyst PET resin which has low environmental impacts.

Functional Plastics Products *Photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Iwatani’s Strengths

Leading the Industry as First to Offer Bio-PET Resins

In 2010, Iwatani began to develop biomass PET resin. Iwatani offers integrated solutions from PET resin production to processing of final products, taking advantage of the supply system and supply chain we acquired over the years.

Resources & Advanced Materials

A variety of raw materials support every aspect of our daily lives, such as steel, glass, and ceramics. In a country like Japan with few natural resources, a stable supply of high-quality raw materials is vital for industrial activities. We select optimal raw materials from domestic and foreign sources to ensure a stable supply of materials, including mineral sands, raw materials for refractories, rare earth elements, and inorganic chemicals that meet the specific requirements from our customers. We are also actively involved in the development of new materials.


We cover materials and processed products on a global scale, with a special focus on stainless steel, aluminum, and high alloy steels. Via operating companies both in Japan and overseas, we provide materials and products to the growth sector, including the automotive, air conditioning, electronic, medical, and environmental industries. We contribute to society by offering high performance materials and processed products to move the world closer to achieving the SDGs and establishing a decarbonized society.

Iwatani’s Strengths

Drawing on our global network to offer optimal solutions

Iwatani maintains a procurement network and processing sites both in Japan and overseas and has established an optimized supply chain to supply products to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. Selling high performance materials and processed products also helps reduce CO2 emissions at the stage of product use, an important step in achieving the SDGs and establishing a decarbonized society.

Electronic Materials

Iwatani offers state-of-the-art display devices and technologies, including rechargeable batteries, organic EL displays, and vehicle displays, key elements in achieving a decarbonized society, as well as a wide range of materials used in devices essential to our everyday lives. Examples include the semiconductors and electronic components at the heart of autonomous driving and 5G high-speed communications. Iwatani also supports technological innovation in electronics in terms of basic materials by adding new value to resins, ceramics, and metals. Iwatani takes advantage of its manufacturing and processing capabilities in China, Southeast Asia, and a growing range of regions worldwide.

New Business Development Dept

New Business Development Department specializes in development of and investment in new businesses that lie among Materials Division and have yet to be tapped.Fully utilizing overseas networks, this department primarily sets up biomass fuels and other environmental businesses, investigates overseas investment opportunities and carries out research and development into next-generation materials through cooperation between industrial enterprises and universities.

Biomass PET Resin

Eco-Friendly Resins of using Bio-Based Raw Materials

Bio-PET resins are manufactured using 30% of bio-based raw materials of monoethylene glycol refined from molasses, a byproduct of sugar cane processing. Iwatani started selling bio-PET resin in 2010 and currently has No. 1 market share in Japan.*

*Based on Iwatani data as of December 2021 (30 thousand tons handled in 2021)

Product Characteristics

  1. Reducing CO2 emissions by 28%
  2. Environmentally-friendly resin consisting of 30% bio-based raw material

1Reducing CO2 emissions by 28%

In order to promote sales of sustainability-conscious raw materials, Iwatani conducts research based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which quantitatively evaluates the impact of raw materials on the ecosystem and the environment from the development stage. In 2011, DNP, Tokyo City University, and Iwatani conducted a joint research and survey on LCA of bio-PET resin. As a result, we found that biomass PET can reduce CO2 emission by 28% (1.7kg per 1 kg of biomass PET) from the production process to consumption, compared to normal PET.

2Environmentally-friendly resin consisting of 30% bio-based raw material

Biomass PET resin is made from biomass MEG refined from , a byproduct of sugar cane processing. This allows approximately 30% of PET resin to be bio-based.

Major Applications

Bio-PET resin has virtually identical physical properties to petrochemical-based PET resin, making it suitable for a wide range of applications through simple replacement of currently used PET resin.

  • Beverage bottles
  • Cosmetics containers
  • Films
  • Sheets, etc.

Concrete Reinforcement

Lower total concrete cost per square meter due to new concrete reinforcement

We are working on proposing a new type of concrete reinforcement. This new reinforcing material is a resin fiber, which reduces labor and construction time compared to traditional mesh reinforcement, reduces costs, and solves the problems of traditional mesh reinforcement (Cracks, Rust, Chemical Resistance, Breakage of Mixers and Pumps, etc.).

In particular, unlike iron wire, it is highly evaluated as a reinforcing material that does not rust and is used for waterproof concrete.

When using the product, our professional engineers will support the design, formulation, and usage of each product so that you do not have to worry about it.


Resin Fiber Concrete Reinforcement

  • Total cost savings per square meter
  • Don’t rust
  • Great crack resistance
  • Chemical resistance, Acid resistance, Alkali resistance
  • Labor Reduction, Manpower Saving, Shortening construction period
  • High safety
  • No damage to machine (Mixer, Pump, etc.)
  • Support for design studies and formulation studies
  • Obtain Environmental Product Declaration
  • Compliance with various standards and standards

Time Saving - Site Preparation

1-2 days needed to complete preparation, including compaction, laying plastic sheet, measuring, cutting, carrying and install steel reinforcement or placing wire mesh, prepare steel chairs and spacer blocks, install formwork, level marking, inspection, and correction if needed.

  • With MSFRC the preparation work becomes much easier
  • Save at least 1 to 2 days for preparation
  • The plastic sheet can be installed just prior to discharging the concrete.
  • Simplifies the inspection process and eases correction work if needed

Time Saving – Discharging Concrete

  • Concrete discharged by crane(bucket) or concrete pump
  • Additional time and cost needed for setup and use of the machinery (crane or concrete pump)
  • Concrete trucks can drive onto the place and discharge concrete directly.
  • Continuous pouring will avoid the occurrence of cold joints

Improve Flooring Surface Resistance And Ductility

Floor Type Which Suitable To Apply Our Synthetic Fibre

  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Hardstands
  • Residential Slabs
  • Civil Applications
  • Footpaths
  • Cycleways and Shared Paths
  • Car Parks
  • Residential Paving

Application For Flooring Project

Examples of Applications

Recycled resin

We are committed to supplying recycled resin to support companies' efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

In the past, inferior recycled resins were used just to make them cheaper. However, in recent years, when global warming has become more prominent, countries and companies are promoting the adoption of recycled resins with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and changing from petroleum-derived resins.

There is a demand for a stable supply of recycled resin that can be replaced with resin. We are committed to supply recycled resin to meet this need.


Recycled Polycarbonate Resin

  • Eco Friendly(CFP certificate issuable)
  • High Quality
  • Compliant with RoHS and REACH (SVHC)
  • Various Grades
  • Stable Supply

Examples of Applications

Packaging Films

Product List

PET Film

Iwatani imports PET film widely used for food and industrial applications from a number of overseas manufacturers, mostly in China.

Aluminum Vapor-Deposited PET Film

Aluminum vapor-deposited PET film is widely used for food and daily sundries. Iwatani offers products from a number of overseas manufacturers.

Nylon Film

Nylon film offers outstanding cold resistance, heat resistance, and gas barrier characteristics, qualities that have led to widespread use for food and industrial applications. Iwatani offers products from overseas manufacturers that meet stringent Japanese quality standards.

Monomaterial Film

This high performance film is designed to help create monomaterial (single material) products that are more easily recycled. Iwatani imports biaxial stretching PE film (BOPE film) from a major global manufacturer that combines excellent printing capabilities, strength, and sealing properties. This material can be used as an alternative to PET/NY to enable all-PE monomaterial products. Iwatani also offers high performance PP/PE/PET films to help achieve monomaterial products.

Typical Applications

Food Packaging

Detergents, toiletries, hair care products

Shrink labels

Heavy-duty bags

Industrial Films

Product List

Thin-Film OPP Film for Film Capacitors

*Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

This is dielectric film for use in film capacitors, widely used in applications such as electric vehicles and electronic devices. A simultaneous biaxial drawing system and stringent thickness control enables stable production of thin-film products. Iwatani offers ultrathin products down to a thickness of 2 µm using world-leading manufacturing technology, enabling capacitors to be reduced in size with increased dielectric properties.

Product Standards Thickness 1.9 µm to 14.8 µm
Main widths 620 mm, 820 mm, 920 mm

Paper Separators for Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

*Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

These products are separators for compact aluminum electrolytic capacitors with high electrostatic capacity. They’re capable of meeting a broad range of stringent quality requirements, including durability against voltage, storable electrostatic capacity, permeability, and thickness controls.

Aramid Paper (Insulation)

*Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

Meta-aramid paper offers excellent surface smoothness and flexibility attributable to calendar processing. It’s widely used as heat-resistant insulation (H type) due to its low halogen characteristics and high heat resistance (UL temperature rating 210°C). Iwatani offers aramid paper manufactured in China.

Product Characteristics Applications Transformer/motor insulation
Features Mechanical strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance, etc.
Thickness 0.04 mm to 0.76 mm

Composite Insulation Material (Insulation)

NSN Heat-Resistant Electrical Insulation Material

Product Nominal thickness (mil) Thickness (µm)
A Nomex® (aramid paper) 2, 3, 5 50, 75, 125
B Torelina® (PPS film) 1, 2, 3, 5 25, 50, 75, 125
C Nomex® (aramid paper) 2, 3, 5 50, 75, 125
  1. Lamination without adhesive allows full use of the material’s properties
  2. Heat-resistant laminated insulation material offers excellent hydrolysis resistance, heat resistance, and flexibility
  3. Ideal for use as electrical insulation in hybrid/electric vehicle motors and wind turbines to meet global environmental needs
  4. Laminated with Nomex® for improved varnish penetration

NKN Heat-Resistant Electrical Insulation Material

Product Nominal thickness (mil) Thickness (µm)
A Nomex® (aramid paper) 2, 3, 5 50, 75, 125
B Kapton® (polyimide film) 2, 3, 4, 4.5 50, 75, 100, 115
C Nomex® (aramid paper) 2, 3, 5 50, 75, 125
  1. Highly heat-resistant laminated electrical insulation material incorporating Kapton® film as the middle layer
  2. Adhesive-free construction allows full use of Kapton® film properties
  3. Laminated with Nomex® for improved varnish penetration


Product Flint clay produced in Shandong Province and kaolin produced in Shandong, Shanxi, and Inner Mongolia, China.
Applications Shaped/unshaped refractories, etc.
Typical Quality Data Flint clay, kaolin
Inquiries Minerals Advanced Materials Section Tel: 81-6-7637-3096


Product Quartz produced in India, Sri Lanka, and China
Characteristics High quality natural quartz (SiO2 purity: 99.6%) is imported directly from the areas of production.
Applications Encapsulant for semiconductors, resin filler, optical glass, raw material for refractories, raw material for casting
State Aggregate, grit
Inquiries (Chubu Area) Tel: 81-52-308-3654

Ceramic Shapes

Providing a Wide Range of High Quality, Long-Life Ceramic Shapes Backed by Our Extensive Sales Track Record

Iwatani is the overseas distributor for products manufactured by the Ceramics Division of Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd. This company offers more than 50 years of experience with the kilns and kiln furniture used to fire fine ceramics. Its technologies have won worldwide praise. Iwatani also sells Hi-Cera refractory linings for aluminum castings, as well as the METALOFILTER®, and METALOCLEAN® products, all of which draw on the company’s technological strengths.

Product List

  1. Ceramic Kiln Furniture
  2. Aluminum Casting Materials

Ceramic Kiln Furniture

Applications Kiln tools for sintering furnaces (for electronic components, ceramic components, sanitary ware, ceramicware, etc.) Refractory bricks and lining materials (for high temperature furnaces for firing fine ceramics, atmosphere furnaces, non-ferrous metal melting furnaces, etc.)

Aluminum Casting Materials

Characteristics Resistant to wetting by molten aluminum; outstanding corrosion resistance and mechanical strength
Applications Used in holding furnaces and low pressure casting furnaces, etc. Heater tubes, thermocouple protection tubes, stalks, rotors, level sensors


Applications Mainly used to eliminate non-metallic inclusions and hydrogen gas from aluminum used to make cans, photocopier drums, magnetic disks, window frames, and automotive components
Products Available METALOFILTER®: Uses the PTF (porous tube filter) method to eliminate non-metallic inclusions from molten aluminum. METALOCLEAN®: Eliminates hydrogen gas from molten aluminum.

White Carbon

Product Precipitated silica (white carbon) produced in India
Characteristics Referred to as white carbon due to its use as an alternative to carbon black, this is typically used as a raw material to reinforce rubber despite containing more than 99% SiO2.
Applications Rubber reinforcing material, oxygen absorbent, inks, etc.
Inquiries Mineral Sands Section Tel: 81-3-5405-5835

Casting Materials

Characteristics Resistant to wetting by molten aluminum; outstanding corrosion resistance and mechanical strength
Applications Used in holding furnaces and low pressure casting furnaces, etc. Heater tubes, thermocouple protection tubes, stalks, rotors, level sensors

Fine Ceramics Products

Applications Kiln tools for sintering furnaces (for electronic components, ceramic components, sanitary ware, ceramicware, etc.) Refractory bricks and lining materials (for high temperature furnaces for firing fine ceramics, atmosphere furnaces, non-ferrous metal melting furnaces, etc.)

Palm Kernel Shell, Other biomass fuel

PKS (Palm Kernel Shells)

Carbon-Neutral Biofuel Is Gaining Attention as a Renewable Energy Source.

A byproduct produced during the production of palm oil, PKS (palm kernel shells) is used as a fuel in biomass power plants. Iwatani handles PKS produced in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Iwatani’s Strengths

  1. A comprehensive supply chain collecting from environmental certified Crude Palm Oils Millssupplying to power plants
  2. Multiple supply sources to ensure flexible delivery schedules
  3. In-house quality analysis at Iwatani R&D Center to ensure strict quality control

Product Details

  1. Iwatani’s Strengths
  2. PKS Features
  3. GGL Certification
  4. Miscellaneous

Product Details

Iwatani’s Strengths

1Stable Long-Term Supply Arrangements

To ensure stable PKS supply, Iwatani maintains long-term relationship with suppliers who operates Crude Palm Oils Mills.

2Flexible Delivery Schedules

Iwatani procures PKS from multiple shipping sites in Indonesia and Malaysia to allow the flexible delivery schedules.

3Strict Quality Control

PKS which moisture and foreign material are controlled will be shipped from Indonesia and Malaysia. Upon importation, we conduct in-house quality analysis at the Iwatani R&D Center, checking constituents, calorific value, specific gravity, and other parameters.

PKS Features

PKS, a carbon-neutral fuel, is derived from the fruit kernel of palm trees, which absorb CO2 when they grow. This offsets the CO2 emitted during combustion, resulting in a net zero impact on atmospheric CO2 levels.

Effective Use of Palm Trees

Malaysia and Indonesia grow enormous palm trees, and the harvested palm fruits are mainly used for palm oil and cosmetics production. Conventionally, the remnants of these processes were simply disposed, However those are used as biomass fuel in our own day.

GGL Certification

Iwatani has achieved GGL (Green Gold Label) certification. Iwatani’s declaration


Iwatani also handles a wide range of products such as silica sand for use in power generation boilers to assist in the combustion of biomass fuels.

Wood Pellet/Torrefied Wood Pellet

Wood Pellet—a Carbon-Neutral Fuel

Wood pellet is a biomass fuel produced from thinned lumbers generated at forest and from wood wastes generated at sawmills. Iwatani handles FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC certified wood pellets produced primarily in Southeast Asia including Vietnam. Iwatani implements a voluntary code of conduct based on guidelines established by the Japanese Forestry Agency (guideline of certifying woody biomass for electric use).
Voluntary Code of Conduct


As a carbon neutral fuel, wood pellets do not affect emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. Wood pellets are derived from thinned lumbers, wood wastes and sawdust generated from sawmills, however the originating trees absorb CO2 during their growth cycle, offsetting the CO2 emitted when they are burned. Overall, they have a zero effect on atmospheric CO2 levels. Iwatani works with multiple leading suppliers who operate stable production and quality control systems and offer enough supply capabilities to ensure a stable long-term supply of high quality wood pellets.


Iwatani offers FSC and PEFC certified wood pellets. We are also a certified supplier of woody biomass used for power generation, a requirement for supplying to biomass power plants in Japan.


Iwatani also handles a broad range of other products, including the silica sand feeded to power generation boilers to assist combustion of biomass fuel. Iwatani is working on the commercial development of torrefied wood pellets*, a promising alternative to coal.
*Torrefied Wood Pellet: Biomass fuel with increased calorific value produced by processing wood pellets and other biomass fuels

Stainless Steel

Aiming to Be the No.1 Trading Company in Stainless Steel Handling Volume

Stainless steel is used across a wide range of sectors, including the automotive industry, communications equipment, and household appliances, and is essential in various state-of-the-art fields. Iwatani supplies stainless steel for applications in a broad range of sectors through its domestic and overseas network and processing sites, and aims to be Japan’s No.1 trading company in stainless steel handling volume.

Product Details

Items Handled

Coil, sheet, foil, pipe, round bar, section, wire

Products Available

Products Available Characteristics
Stainless steel for springs Features the strong work-hardening properties of austenitic stainless steel. Typical grades are 301, 304, and 631, which can be finished to suit the specified hardness.
Ultrathin stainless steel We offer a wide range of ultrathin stainless steel types, including 301, 304, 430, and 631, manufactured as ultrathin foil, down to thicknesses of 8 µm.
Stainless steel for etching The steel undergoes tension annealing to improve flatness, making it ideal for etching.
Surface treated stainless steel The steel undergoes electropolishing and chemical polishing for improved designability and performance.
Non-magnetic stainless steel Retains its non-magnetism even after extreme cold-working.
Stainless steel for gaskets Features a finer crystalline structure to maintain high spring performance and fatigue characteristics.
High-strength stainless steel We offer stainless steel that’s been cold-worked to a hardness of HV530 or more and precipitation-hardened stainless steel heat treated after forming for increased hardness.
Stainless steel for automotive molding This ferritic steel offers superior mirror finish characteristics compared to BA, and corrosion resistance equivalent to 304 steel.
General purpose stainless steel (sheet/bar) We offer various grades, including 304, 316, and 316L. As a primary trading company, we can procure materials from various companies in Japan, as well as offer lower cost solutions in the form of products sourced from overseas suppliers.
Hydrogen-resistant stainless steel Maintains durability even at extremely low temperatures and high pressures.
Duplex stainless steel Combining the characteristics of both austenitic and ferritic steel makes it possible to reduce thickness—and thereby reduce costs—while continuing to offer excellent corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel Processing Sites

  • Kyushu Stainless Kako Center Corporation

    Stainless steel plate processing (cutting and bending)

Kyushu Stainless Kako Center Corporation website

  • Sanei Stainless Steel Center Co., Ltd.

    Stainless steel coil center (leveling processing)

Sanei Stainless Steel Center website

  • Nose Kozai, Inc.

    Stainless steel processing (thin plate, plate, bar)

Nose Kozai, Inc. website

Precision Slitting Sites (China)

Suzhou Iwatani Metal Products Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan Iwatani Co., Ltd. are Iwatani group companies responsible for precision slitting of precision stainless steel and non-ferrous metal materials. They make possible a wide range of lighter and thinner metal materials for electronics sector applications that demand more compact dimensions, lower weight, resource savings, energy savings, and increased capacity. These companies supply materials for a wide range of domestic applications within China, including rechargeable batteries, liquid crystal, organic EL, smartphones, connectors, and office equipment.


Light Weight and Outstanding Machinability

Aluminum is used in a wide range of applications, from chassis for tablets and PCs to bodies and frames for vehicles, bullet trains, and aircraft. Iwatani operates networks and processing sites both in Japan and overseas to supply to a variety of sectors.

Product Details

Items Handled

Bar, sheet, foil, disks, plate, round bar, pipes, checker plate, braising sheet, colored aluminum, wire, fins


Manufacturers in Japan, the Republic of Korea, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Greece, etc.

Products Available

Iwatani offers optimal materials, including materials sourced from overseas, to meet demands for diversified suppliers and reduced material costs.

Item Range of Available Products
Alloys 1050/1060/1070/1080/1090/1100/1235
Thickness 0.05 mm to 200 mm
Width Up to 2,500 mm
Length Up to 6,000 mm
Lead time From in-stock items ready for immediate dispatch to tailor-made production
Standards JIS/ASTM/ASME/TS 16949, etc.
Surface treatment Anodizing/fluoride coating/zirconium treatment/chromate treatment


Material Features
High strength, high heat dissipation Combines thermal conductivity equivalent to pure aluminum and strength exceeding 5052
High strength, moldability Combines high strength with moldability, with limit drawing ratios approaching steel plate
Electrical conductivity, high strength Maintains high electrical conductivity and strength
Materials with good anodizing properties for decorative automotive applications Materials with increased anodizing properties as well as brighter sheen following chemical polishing. Products equivalent to 5505/5657 alloys
High heat resistant materials Materials maintaining their strength even under high temperatures
Highly reflective materials High reflectivity imparted through rolling and coating
High-adhesion materials Materials with increased adhesion to resins, paints, and other non-metallic materials
Surface treated materials Materials subjected to functional surface treatment, including heat dissipation, heat resistance, strength, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, and electrical insulation
Materials recommended for anodizing Materials manufactured overseas and suitable for anodizing

Copper/Copper Alloys

High conductivity and heat dissipation for motorization and energy-saving applications

Copper materials are used in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications, particularly those related to vehicles, electronic components, air conditioning, and water heaters. Iwatani offers products to meet specific customer needs, including oxygen-free copper, tough pitch copper, and phosphorous-deoxidized copper.

Product Details


  • Oxygen-free copper, tough pitch copper Busbars, Li-ion battery tab lead electrodes, gaskets, etc.
  • Phosphorous-deoxidized copper Water heaters, air conditioning pipes, refrigerators, etc.

Main Products Handled

Copper pipe, copper bar* Supplied in coil or sheet form.

Wire Processed Products

Working to Ensure Eco-Friendly Manufacturing in Thailand and China

Operating its own wire processing plants in Japan, Thailand, and China, Iwatani has established a production system that spans all stages, ranging from materials to processing. Iwatani currently holds the leading market share for fan guards incorporated into Japanese air conditioning units manufactured in Japan, Thailand, and China. To ensure eco-friendly manufacturing, plants in Thailand and China feature solar power systems.

Product Details


To meet customer requirements, all stages of processing up to the final product are handled at Iwatani Group companies and plants, both in Japan and overseas. The ability to handle all processes in-house—from the bending and welding of steel and stainless steel wire to resin coating by painting or fluidized coating—helps minimize manufacturing costs.

Production Sites (Iwatani Plants)

Bangkok AI-TOA (Thailand)

Bangkok AI-TOA Co., Ltd. website

Zhongshan Iwatani Co., Ltd. (China)

Zhongshan Iwatani Co., Ltd. website

High-Impact Absorbent Acrylic Foam ISR-ACF Series


Acrylic Foam With Industry-Leading Impact Absorption

Offers industry-leading impact absorption and reliable performance even in high- or low-temperature environments. Helps protect electronic devices for cutting-edge applications involving smartphones and vehicle-mounted devices.

Product Characteristics

  1. Acrylic foam with outstanding impact resistance
  2. Proprietary technology allows control over acrylic foam density
  3. Acrylic foam type with self-adhesive surface, allowing temporary fixing and reworking
  4. Acrylic foam offers greater interlaminar strength than other materials
  5. Outstanding weather resistance and durability in high temperature, high-humidity conditions

Product Details

Major Applications

Vehicle-mounted devices, industrial devices, and medical devices requiring high reliability, durability, and weather resistance

Impact Absorption Testing (Steel Ball Drop Test)

Other materials

Other materials

high-impact absorbent acrylic foam

High-impact absorbent acrylic foam

high-impact absorbent acrylic foam

High-impact absorbent acrylic foam


High-Impact Absorbent Acrylic Foam ISR-ACF Series

Physical Properties

1Basic Physical Properties

Thickness mm 0.06 to 0.25 0.1 to 1.0 0.1 to 2.0
25% compression load MPa 0.18 0.08 0.01
Density g/cm3 0.7 0.5 0.3

2Compression Load Test

High-Impact Absorbent Acrylic Foam ISR-ACF Series

Silicone OCA for Vehicle Displays

Silicone OCA for Vehicle Displays

Excellent Long-Term Reliability and Haptic Characteristics

This silicone type OCA offers long term reliability and optical stability, with minimal yellowing even under UV light or in high temperature environments. It also offers outstanding haptic characteristics in displays incorporating haptic technologies (tactile sensor technologies), an area marked by advances in recent years.

Product Characteristics

  1. Optical performance improvements through elimination of air gaps
  2. Minimal yellowing even in UV light or high temperature environments
  3. High reliability, ideal for vehicle, industrial, and medical applications
  4. Clears VTM-1 fire resistance standards
  5. Outstanding impact resistance
  6. Consistently low loss factor (Tanδ) over wide temperature range

Major Applications

  • Vehicle-mounted devices, industrial devices, and medical devices requiring high reliability, weather resistance, and light resistance
  • Haptic displays


Silicone OCA for Vehicle Displays

Physical Properties

1Basic Physical Properties

Product Grade TK 50 TK 100 TK 200
Thickness 50 µm 100 µm 200 µm
Optical characteristics Haze Glass/OCA/glass % 0.3 0.4 0.8
Total light transmittance 350 nm to 800 nm light transmittance Glass/OCA/glass % 93 93 93
Adhesive force Optical glass JIS Z 0237 N/25 mm 20.5 20.5 27.5
180° PEEL
Step conformance Step height Immediately after roll lamination µm 0 0 0
After autoclaving µm 10 35 50
50℃ *0.5 MPa *30 min

2Light Resistance Test

Silicone OCA for Vehicle Displays

3Weather Resistance Test

Silicone OCA for Vehicle Displays
Silicone OCA for Vehicle Displays
Silicone OCA for Vehicle Displays

Silicone OCA for Foldables

Silicone OCA for Foldables

Special Silicone OCA with Exceptional Bending Performance

This silicone OCA is intended for use in rollable displays able to withstand over 600,000 bending cycles. The soft silicone OCA offers outstanding impact absorption properties, making it ideal for use in bonding next generation display components.

Product Characteristics

  1. Special silicone material exhibits outstanding bending performance
  2. Excellent optical characteristics allow use in display bonding
  3. Outstanding impact absorption properties

Major Applications

Foldable and rollable devices requiring high bending performance


Silicone OCA for Vehicle Displays

Physical Properties

1Bending Test Data

Cycles 1,000 10,000 80,000 200,000 600,000
Test data for 20 µm to 50 µm thickness






Silicone OCA for Vehicle Displays

2SS Curve Data

Silicone OCA for Vehicle Displays

3Impact Absorption Characteristics

Silicone OCA for Vehicle Displays

High Purity Metals

Iwatani handles raw materials and supplementaly materials used in semiconductors and HDDs that meet strict quality demands. We offer materials sourced not just from Japanese manufacturers, but from our overseas network.

Product Typical purity
Magnesium (Mg) 99.99% (4N)
Aluminum (Al) 99.999% (5N)
Silicon (Si) 99.9999999% (9N)
Calcium (Ca) 99.9% (3N)
Scandium (Sc) 99.99% (4N)
Iron powder (Fe) 99% (2N)
Cobalt (Co) 99.95% (3N5)
Zirconium (Zr) 99.95% (3N5)
Niobium (Nb) 99.9% (3N)
Tin (Sn) 99.999% (5N)
Hafnium (Hf) 99.95% (3N5)
Tantalum (Ta) 99.9% (3N)

High Functional Packaging Materials

Iwatani handles high purity inorganic materials sourced from both Japanese and overseas manufacturers. These products are used as raw materials for the sputtering targets essential in forming functional thin films, including semiconductors, HDDs, and magnetic devices. In addition to the raw materials listed below, Iwatani offers high purity metals, Rare Earth metals, and a range of inorganic compounds, including nitrides and borides that show promise as next generation recording media.

Iwatani offers packaging materials that meet high cleanliness standards including moisture vapor barriers required for semiconductors and HDDs. These products are processed in Class 1000 cleanrooms. We can also provide an analysis of particle and ion contamination.

Product Main features
Aluminum foil type Provides complete moisture vapor barriers within the package.
Transparent type

Allows inspection of package contents while maintaining robust barrier functions.
Typical specifications:
Oxygen permeability

  • 0.1 cc/m2
  • Day
  • atm(JIS K7126-2)
    Water vapor permeability
  • 0.05 g/m2
  • day(JIS K7129B)

Business Partner Development

We were just looking for potential business partners to expand our operation. We can help you find potential clients for your product.

We have a global group network centered on Asia, America, Europe, etc. As your business partner, it is possible to develop your company's unique products and unique technologies using our network. Please contact us if you would like to develop a new sales scheme.

Procedure flow


Please fill in the necessary information from the contact form and send it. Our representative will confirm the content you have sent.


If we would like to confirm the details, we will contact you for the meeting.

Partnership conclusion

We will explain the details about the start of trading.

Own Brand Products

We are looking for Malaysia's own original brand products.

We are looking for Malaysian household goods and home appliances. Please contact us if you are a company that manufactures original home appliances, home appliances, or your own brand. We can use our network to help you expand outside of Malaysia.


  • Household goods
  • Home appliances

Palm Kernel Shell

We are looking for Malaysian Palm Kernel Shell supplier.

We are looking for Malaysian Palm Kernel Shell supplier. Please contact us if you are a company that manufactures Palm Kernel Shell. We can use our network to help you expand outside of Malaysia.


  • Palm Kernel Shell
  • Waste oil discharged from the palm oil manufacturing process