Functional Plastic

Through the worldwide IWATANI network-from the general-purpose to the high-functional-we timely propose plastic resins and products. PET resins are especially important to our modern, environmentally conscious recycling society.
We set out to contribute to the global environment, focusing on the development and promotion of PET products, such as Biomass PET and Barrier PET.

Resources & Advanced Materials

We deal with mineral sands such as Zircon and rutile with the largestmarket share in Japan. We also offer a variety of materials, including refractories, rare earth compounds, metals, and inorganic chemicals.
Utilizing our many years experience and extensive overseas network, we endeavor to ensure optimum procurement of materials and steady supply, acknowledging changes in the business environment and market needs.
In partnership with the Resources & Business Development Department, outside research organizations and companies, we actively work on new material and resource development projects that respond to the changing need of our customers around the world.


Our main business fields are stainless steel, aluminum, special high alloy and processed products. With domestically and globally expanded production bases and distribution networks, we provide our customers with the best materials and products.
We are always aware of the needs of the age by taking advantage of up-to-date information gathered from business bases all over the world. And we excel others in putting the business into shape quickly.

Electronic Materials

We, the Electronic Materials Department, are supplying many functional materials for the latest display devices and battery devices for a low-carbon society. With a wide variety of materials, such as plastics, ceramics. metals and composite materials, we are able to provide you with the best solutions. Through our production, processing and supply network, we are expanding to China, South Korea, Taiwan and other areas in Asia where we can provide the best solution for your international procurement requirement, anytime, anywhere.

New Business Development Dept

New Business Development Department specializes in development of and investment in new businesses that lie among Materials Division and have yet to be tapped.Fully utilizing overseas networks, this department primarily sets up biomass fuels and other environmental businesses, investigates overseas investment opportunities and carries out research and development into next-generation materials through cooperation between industrial enterprises and universities.