Collection of Personal Data and Purpose of use

Iwatani Malaysia may be required to collect Personal Data if needed for the execution of its work. In such cases, Iwatani Malaysia will announce to the public or notify the owner of the Personal Data of the purpose of use. Iwatani Malaysia will not use the Personal Data collected beyond the purpose of use consented by the owner(s) of the Personal Data.

Proper management of personal information

In order to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration or leaking of Personal Data, necessary and appropriate security measures will be taken to protect Personal Data properly.

Outsourcing of work related to Personal Data

Iwatani Malaysia may outsource all or part of work related to Personal Data to streamline operations in accordance with the purpose of use. Should this be required, Iwatani Malaysia will ensure that the prior consent of the owners of the Personal Data is obtained, and require the outsourcing agent to comply with the Act to ensure proper management.

Information disclosure and sharing with third parties

Iwatani Malaysia will not disclose or provide Personal Data to a third party except the abovementioned outsourcing agents, unless the owners of the Personal Data has approved the disclosure or sharing of the Personal Data, or when the laws or regulations require a disclosure.

Disclosure, correction, pending, complaints and inquiries concerning personal information

If Iwatani Malaysia receives a request for the disclosure, correction or pending of Personal Data from the owner(s) of such Personal Data or his/her representative, Iwatani Malaysia will proceed to attend to such request(s) in accordance to its specified procedure without a delay. Iwatani Malaysia will also respond promptly and honestly to any complaints, consultations or inquiries regarding personal information.

Compliance with laws, regulations and rules and continuous improvement of measures

Iwatani Malaysia shall comply with the Act and other related laws, regulations and rules, take appropriate measures to ensure its compliance with the law, and continuously improve these measures.