Argon / Liquid Argon

Chemical Formula Ar
Molecular Weight 39.95
Gas Specific Gravity (Air = 1) 1.38
Density Gas Density(kg/Nm3) 1.783
Liquid Density(kg/ℓ) 1.402
Melting Point (°C) -189.3
Boiling Point (°C) -189.8
Colourless, Odorless, Inert
General Usage
Steel, Metallurgy, Machinery AOD steelmaking, Atmospheric gas, Welding , Cutting
Semiconductor, Electronics Industry Atmospheric gas, Carrier gas

Oxygen / Liquid Oxygen

Chemical Formula O2
Molecular Weight 32
Gas Specific Gravity (Air = 1) 1.11
Density Gas Density(kg/Nm3) 1.429
Liquid Density(kg/ℓ) 1.141
Melting Point (°C) -219
Boiling Point (°C) -183
Colourless, Odorless, Combustion Supporting
General Usage
Steel, Machinery, Shipbuilding Steel manufacturing, Refining, Cutting, Scarfing, Welding
Glass Glass Melting
Chemistry, Toiletries Oxidation reaction, Pulp bleaching
Semiconductor, Electronics Oxidation reaction
Medical Breathing
Pollution Control Waste water treatment

Nitrogen / Liquid Nitrogen

Chemical Formula N2
Molecular Weight 28.01
Gas Specific Gravity (Air = 1) 0.97
Density Gas Density(kg/Nm3) 1.251
Liquid Density(kg/ℓ) 0.8084
Melting Point (°C) -210
Boiling Point (°C) -196
Colourless, Odorless, Inert
General Usage
Steel, Metal, Metallurgy Atmospheric gas for heat treatment, Cooling fit, Compression moulding
Semiconductor, Electronics Industry Purging, Sealing
Chemistry Atmospheric gas
Food Antioxidant, Food freezing
Civil Engineering Concrete cooling


Chemical Formula D2
Molecular weight 4.029
Burning Quality Combustible
Melting point -254.4°C
Boiling point 249.6°C
Range of explosion 5.0~75%
Ignition Temperature 585°C
General Usage
Semiconductor Annealing
Optical Fiber Annihilation of non-bridging oxygen hole centers
Nuclear Fusion Fuel
OLED Luminescent Materials
Chemical Analysis Synthesis

Helium / Liquid Helium / Heliox

Chemical Formula He
Molecular Weight 4003
Gas Specific Gravity (Air = 1) 0.14
Density Gas Density(kg/Nm3) 0.1785
Liquid Density(kg/ℓ) 0.1248
Melting Point (°C) -272.2 (2.63MPa)
Boiling Point (°C) -268.9
Colourless, Odorless, Inert
General Usage
Semiconductor, Electronics Industry Optical fibers, Wafer cooling, Carrier gas
Inspections Gas analysis
Steel, Machinery, Metallurgy Welding, Laser gas
Balloon Airship, Balloon
Medical/Research MRI, NMR
Offshore Diving Gas

Helium Supply Chain

In addition to our standard trading operations with America, in 2013 Iwatani became the first company in Asia to gain the rights to import helium directly from Qatar. By procuring helium from multiple sources, we are able to maintain a stable supply for our customers.

Due to the ease of transporting goods into neighboring Southeast Asian countries, we established the Malaysia Helium Centre near the border of Malaysia and Singapore in 2013.
From liquid helium used for MRI and NMR to helium gas found in semiconductors, diving equipment, balloons and leak inspection devices, we offer various methods of supply to support our customers throughout Southeast Asia.

Dimethyl Ether

Chemical Formula C2H6O
Molecular Weight 46.07
Gas Specific Gravity (Air = 1) 0.14
Density Gas Density(kg/Nm3) 1.917
Liquid Density(kg/ℓ) 0.661
Melting Point (°C) -24.85
Boiling Point (°C) -141.5
Colourless, Ether odour
General Usage
Ton Tank
ISO Tank


Chemical Formula C2H2
Molecular Weight 26.04
Gas Specific Gravity (Air = 1) 0.14
Density Relative Density 0.899 (0℃, 0MPa, Air=1)
Colourless, Strong pungent odor


Chemical Formula H2
Molecular Weight 2.016
Gas Specific Gravity (Air = 1) 0.07
Density Gas Density(kg/Nm3) 0.0898
Liquid Density(kg/ℓ) 0.0709
Melting Point (°C) -259
Boiling Point (°C) -253
Colourless, Odorless, Ignitable
General Usage
Glass Optical fibers, Quartz glass
Chemistry Ammonia synthesis reaction, Chemical process
Semiconductor, Electronics LED, Solar, Liquid christal
Steel, Machinery, Metallurgy Welding, Cutting, Deoxidizing, Bright annealing
Cosmetics Hydrogenation
Fuel Cell Fuel cell vehicles


Chemical Formula NH3
Molecular Weight 17.03
Density Gas Density(kg/Nm3) 0.59
Liquid Density(kg/ℓ) 0.63
Melting Point (°C) -33.4
Boiling Point (°C) -77.74
Colourless, String pungent odor
General Usage
Steel, Metal Atmospheric Gas
Power Generation Refrigerant, Denitration, Desulfurization
Agriculture Fertilizer


HC : R600, R600a, R290, R1270
HCFC : R22, R142B
HFC : R32, R134a, R404a, R407c, R410A, R417A, R507A, R508A

General Usage

Mixture Gas, LPG

Acom, Standard Gas, other various mixture gases, LPG

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3. Portable Gas Detector
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