Canon Machinery

Since its foundation, Canon Machinery Inc. has maintained an unwavering stance that emphasized technological development.

12-inch High performance Die Bonder for system in package

BESTEM-D531t will enable you to bond ultra precision bondingof NAND FLASH

Thin Die Capability
2 motion needleless pick up system, up to 15μm Highest Accuracy Bonding Capability
Achieves die-bonding accuracy of ±8μm, θ=±0.05° (3σ) Flexible Handling
Able to handle the lead frame size of ±1.0~25.0mm, and the substrate size of Length 100~300mm

High Performance Clip bonding System

Face-up / Face-down bonding flexible integration

Best TCO
High UPH,Small Foot Print,Minimized Conversion
Multi Dispense Head

Best Quality
High Accuracy
thermal management

Flexible Handling
Clip Size:1.0mm~
FC bonding:0.3mm~
with high quality

Automated Wire Bonding Inspection System

Epoch Making 3D Visual inspection

Only one second of measurement time, easy operations and flexible inspections.

High Accuracy Measurement

Measurement Ability
Max measurement angle:±55°

3D/2D Data Acquisition
Data generated at once scanning

Wafer expander

-Completely dry processing
-Setting of precise conditions is possible
-Supports fully automatic operation
-Automatic cutting function

Dimension W700 ×D1250×H1470
Weight Approx.250kg
Expand stroke 7mm ×50mm(±0.1mm)
*stopping precision :±0.1mm/sec
Vertical speed 0.1mmー20mm/sec
*adjusting rate :0.1mm/sec
temperature adjusment room temperature to -80℃
Size 8" dicing frame.

Dicing frame cleaninig machine

-Double catching protection device
-Processing speed adjustable function
-One-touch operation available for scheduling change (including up to 12")
-Smooth handling between processes

Dimension W2580 ×D1250×H1800
Model DFW-700
Dicing frame 8inch , 12inch
Clearning method Scrub cleaning by melamine sponge
Drying method Suction drying and Air blowing
Performance Max.300pcs/Cart(LD/ULD)
Processing time 12inch : Min 50sec.

Spin dryer

-Strictly eliminates dust causing factor
-Unigue balancing technology make it better performance (patent)
-Equipped with the ionizer and ULPA filter.

Dimension W1000 ×D1300×H1107
Axis sealing Forced vacuuming together with dust seal
Dicing frame and wafer 12inch/ I or 2 cradle

Wafer Vaccume mounter

-Low-damage mounting to fragile wafers!
-The vacuum mounting method helps prevent air bubbles between the wafer and the tape.
-Provide the full-automatilon systems(option)

Dimension W500 ×D700×H945
Weight Approx.140kg
Recipe settings choose from 10 types
Dicing frame settings 2 to 8 inch * 12inch is nogotiable.
Tape suitable for processing All kinds of tapes and adheasives


Multi Reflow

1.All heating zone is available up to 350 degree
2.N2 machine achived oxgen concentration 200ppm (option/100ppm)

Name UNI-6116S
Power Requirement 200V 18kVA (18KW)
Machine Weight About 500kg
N2 Supply More than 250L/minutes
0,4Mpa Purity more than 99,99%
Valid Width of Board Pin Chain :
50 to 160mm
Mesh :
Max. 160mm
Conveyer Type Pin chain system
Conveyer Speed 0,1 to 0,5m/minutes
Conveyer Hight 900+-20mm
Max Board Hight
Number of Heater Panel
Circulation Fan
Refer to structure spec chart

Option ( Option)

Name UNI-6116S
Over heating protection
Mesh conveyor
Conveyor automatic width adjustment
Anti warping system
anti warping automatic position adjusment
Circulation fan stop detection
N2 specification
Oxygen concentration controller
100ppm optional
Flux removal system
Color order


1. 35 years experience in LED/LSI industry for any size Wafer or PKG level worldwide.
2. Reliable Japanese quality
3. System with simple design, easy maintenance.
5. Capable of testing HBM,MM and HMM.


N5100D Specification


N5000 Specification