Tough Maru

Maximum load of 20 kg. Usable with a Dutch oven.
Cassette stove enables complete enjoyment of wind-resistant outdoor cooking.


Allows air through, not wind!
Features a double-windproof unit (patented)

The two-stage outside and inside windproof units protect the flame from wind, enabling a stable, wind-shielding effect regardless of the size and shape of the pot or cooking device on the trivets.

The air required for combustion comes from below the inside windproof unit, supporting stable combustion.




Maximum load of 20kg. Usable with a dutch oven.


The dedicated carrying case is convenient and easy to store.

Cassette Feu

Model number: CB-ODX-1

JAN Code: 4901140 904264

Quantity per case: 4

Maximum amount of heat generation: 3.3kW (2,800kcal/h)

Model Number CB-ODX-1
Body size (Width x Depth x Height) 341 x 283 x 129 mm
Product Weight Approx. 2.4 kg
Color Black
Materials Body Steel plate
Top plate Steel plate for enamel
Trivets Steel plate for enamel (Enamel-processed)
Burner Steel plate (Stainless)
Appliance valve knob ABS resin
Amount of gas consumption Approx. 236 g/h *
Duration of continuous combustion Approx. 75 min **
Ignition System Piezoelectric ignition system
Safety mechanism Pressure sensor safety mechanism, etc.
Insertion/release of gas catridge Magnet System
Gas to use Iwatani Cassette Gas, Iwatani Cassette Gas Power Gold
Case size (Width x Depth x Height) 372 x 362 x 136 mm
Weight including case Approx. 3.9 kg
Size of cartoon box (Width x Depth x Height) 576 x 378 x 372 mm
Weight of cartoon box Approx. 16.4 kg
Size of pot to use Diameter of the pot bottom is 24 cm or less
(For small pot, the diameter of the pot bottom is 16 cm or more)
Accessory Dedicated carrying case
Country of production Japan